Fleet Management

Fleet Management

"What can't be measured can't be controlled, what can't be controlled can't be managed"

 Ufind GPS allows you to effectively manage your fleet from anywhere and at any time, 24 hours access to accurate and reliable data. Through our platform you can get behavioral reports, programmable alerts, check fuel consumption, block the engine of your vehicles, allocate schedules and many more options.

¿Why ?

Control of your fleet is paramount when controlling resources
Control your fleet
Being more productive with the resources of your company should never stop being a prioprity
Increase your productivity
It will always be imperative to reduce costs, thereby increasing profits
Decrease your operating costs

We have what you need


  • fuel consumption
  • Hours of Use report
  • Motor Lock


  • fuel consumption
  • Voice Monitoring
  • interchangeable with other cars
  • Devices with no Installation required

Pro Car

  • Real Time Tracking
  • GEO Fences
  • fuel consumption
  • Panic Alert